Welcome to HeatSmart Mohawk Valley! We’re here to help you understand the new clean heating and cooling technologies available to help you save money, reduce your energy costs and experience a much more comfortable climate in your home.

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Amy Wyant has been working with homeowners and business in central NY through the maze of energy saving programs, incentives and technologies for years.  Sign up for a free one-on-one Zoom session with Amy to discuss your clean energy questions such as:

  • How to sign up for a free energy audit?
  • Do heat pumps really work around here and are they worth it?
  • How do I find a reliable contractor?
  • What incentives are there to help pay for improvements to my home or business?

And any other energy questions you might have!  Amy brings years of objective, pragmatic experience to help guide you through the process.

We’re here to help you save!

Ground source, air source and modern wood heating have made leaps and bounds with recent advancements in technology.