OWNERS: Mostly interested in adding comfort, more even heat as well as cooling, but excited about getting rid of fuel oil.


  • 1862 Victorian
  • 3,360 sq. ft.
  • Cold in the winter, hot in the summer
  • Fuel oil boiler, no AC

An energy audit showed leaky, complicated additions, and ice dams. The home was expensive to heat and had comfort issues i.e. cold rooms in winter, hot rooms in summer. There were areas of missing insulation after renovations had been completed. 


  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Pay for upgrades using energy savings

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  • Air sealing and insulation upgrades (25% decrease in air leakage measured by blower door test)
  • Installed 4 cold climate air source heat pumps to provide heating and cooling through most parts of home


After subtracting loan payments, homeowner saves $700 a year AND is more comfortable (more even heat and added air conditioning).