OWNERS: Deep energy retrofit becomes high performance home.

The old house….


  • 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Built in early 1900
  • Leaky, under-insulated
  • Basement had moisture

Heat recovery ventilator


New owners wanted High Performance Home


This project involved a complete tear down of the existing home with new construction in the same footprint.

  • Double stud walls, 12” thick (R-40)
  • R70 in the ceiling
  • Triple Pane Glass
  • R20 under new basement slab
  • Near Passive House blower door – very tight
  • Heat recovery ventilation system
  • Installed single air source heat pump
  • Installed some electric baseboard as backup


$1102 per year for heating, cooling, lights, appliances, hot water, cooking and ventilation. Back up electric baseboard heat hasn’t come on in three years.