OWNERS: An older couple looking to stay in the house they’d lived in for decades.


  • Old Farmhouse, built in 1860s.
  • 2,700 sq. ft.
  • Multiple additions
  • Fuel oil furnace and hot water heater
  • Very wet basement
  • Used wood stoves to keep down heating costs
  • Older couple who lived in the house for decades
  • Lots of acreage

The mechanical equipment in this home was at end of life stage and the owners were tired of hauling wood to keep their energy costs down. They were looking for a new, low maintenance system. 


  • Older couple needed a heating system that did not use wood and was cheaper than fuel oil
  • Add comfort with more even heat and addition of air conditioning
  • Deal with basement moisture issues


  • Four ton ground source heat pump was installed
  • Hot water generator was added to make domestic hot water
  • Blower door assisted air sealing reduced air leakage to outside 20%
  • Attic insulation was increased to R60
  • Uninsulated walls were dense packed with cellulose
  • Basement rim joist and ductwork were insulated with spray foam insulation.
  • Interior and exterior drainage were added to resolve basement moisture problems


  • Total cost to install GSHP: $45,411
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit: $13,623
  • Net Cost to install: $31,788
  • Electricity went up $1,674/year
  • Fuel oil cost savings: $5,328
  • Net energy savings were $3,654/year
  • 8.7 year simple payback
  • More evenly distributed heat
  • No combustion, no odors, less noise
  • Added air conditioning