OWNER: REVOLUTION SOLAR (Milford, NY) builds a high efficiency, all electric commercial space for their headquarters and other businesses.


  • 40 yo commercial building
  • Under-insulated
  • Fuel oil furnace and hot water heater
  • 9,200 sq. ft. conditioned speace


  • All electric building (to offset with solar)
  • Very energy efficient
  • Model building for community
  • Quality commercial space for rent


  • Spray foam walls
  • R60 in Attic
  • New Windows
  • Installed heat pumps in each of four spaces w/shared loop field

Four (4) supply and four (4) return pipes run from the mechanical room out to the loop field, approx 300 feet. All eight pipes are buried in a 3′ wide, 6′ deep trench. 

Each 2″ supply tees off to four 500′ loops buried in 250′ long trenches, 2′ wide and 6′ deep. Loops are 3/4″ ID HDPE pipe. Trench centers are spaced about 10′ apart. 

We updated the exterior wall assembly and installed spray foam installation in all walls. We installed new windows as well as R60 loose fill cellulose in attic. We installed a 16 ton capacity loop field with 4 separate heat pumps along with geothermal hot water generators. LED lighting and occupancy sensors were also included. 

Four commercial spaces: 
• Revolution Solar Headquarters (office)
• Red Shed Brewery Taproom (retail)
• Otsego Rural Housing Assist. (office)
• Richardson Window Works (fabrication)


  • $20,000 project rebate from NYSERDA
  • 10% Federal Corporate Tax Credit
  • Accelerated Depreciation

$521 total bill for the month of December 2018