OWNER: HANFORD MILLS MUSEUM (East Meredith) demonstrates commitment to renewable energy.

BUILDINGS: Two buildings covering three spaces – the Hanford Mills Museum Office, the East Meredith Post Office, and the Monroe House (across the parking lot) used for museum collections. Total conditioned space is 4,670 Sq. Ft. Wood clapboard, balloon framed construction.


  • Replace failing fuel oil boiler
  • Increase energy efficiency of building envelopes
  • Use one boiler to heat both buildings
  • Install renewable energy heat source


  • Dense packed side walls
  • Added insulation to attics
  • Foamed rim joist
  • Installed Froling P4 Pellet Boiler with thermal storage
  • Buried insulated lines under parking lot to heat Monroe House


Renewable Heat New York – Small Pellet Boiler

Annual operational savings using 85% efficient pellet boiler is approximately $2,500.