Upcoming Webinar

On-Site Energy Managers:
It Pays to Know


Presenter Michael Madigan, Technical Director – Energy, at Ramboll Americas, presents on his role as Energy Manager with Buffalo State College, providing detailed information on his efforts to dramatically reduce energy use intensity and save the college on annual energy expenditures.


October 30, 2020 at 11:00 am

What You’ll Learn:

Stop wasting energy, reduce maintenance costs, increase building comfort, safety and resiliency, and achieve carbon reduction goals by adding a dedicated professional Energy Manager to your staff.  Sign up to learn about the project that served as the model for NYSERDA’s On-Site Energy Manager Program across New York State!  You don’t have to be a large college campus to benefit from an Energy Manager.  Any business with either high energy use or multiple buildings in their portfolio can benefit from this program.

 Topics to be covered:

    1. Evaluate and analyze portfolio energy use
    2. Develop and implement building portfolio energy projects
    3. Achieve pathways to reductions in portfolio energy use
    4. NYSERDA pays 75% of Energy Manager’s cost